Husband, Please Don’t Read This

And if you do, please just don’t use it against me.  I need to rant and this is the only ear I have.  I no longer have a best friend.  This is all I have.  So just turn away, or read but keep it to yourself.  Because I’m tired, and I’m stressed, and I just […]


We are what we make of ourselves.  And our disease is what we present it to be. If you behave badly and use your mental illness as an excuse, you are helping to propel the stigma of mental illness forward.  If I only know one person with BPD and that person makes bad decision after […]

Build Up, Put Down

Calling the weather “Bi-polar” is akin to calling a situation gay or retarded. No, hear me. Weather is not a sentient being.  It does not have feelings or moods.  So saying its behavior is “bi-polar” and meaning it as a put down or a sign of craziness, is demeaning to those who have bi-polar, or […]

Should You Read This

You’re right, it is only 30 something degrees outside.  But I don’t feel the cold.  What I do feel is formal shoes tearing my feet apart.  I have bad feet, just as I have bad joints, and a misfiring brain.  So I do not feel the cold, but I feel the way my work shoes […]

So Much Heat

In the days that have followed the school shooting, so much has been thrown around, fueled by anger. The anti-gun people, the mental health system needs fixed people, the don’t blame the mentally ill people. Everyone has something to yell about. While I don’t have a single thing I want to take back, I do […]


This is what Morgan Freeman has to say about the shooting on Friday.  He has it so very right. (Edit: turns out it isn’t Mr Freeman. All very right.) “You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why. It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and […]

This is a Mental Health Issue

I remember when I learned about Columbine.  I was sitting in my living room, about 15 years old, in High school myself, when Total Request Live with Carson Daily was interrupted for breaking news.  I sat there in shock, horror and awe. As I finished through high school, shootings weren’t common, but they were a […]

Thank God I Don’t Aim To Be Popular

Ok. So “OMG WHEEE” of the royal pregnancy aside, the real drama llama of the situation is the prank call. There are two parties to this: The radio DJ’s and the hospital. The DJ’s?  Never excepted to be put through.  Of course they didn’t.  Who in their right mind would have actually thought they could […]

Proud in Battle

First off, I am so very and publicly proud of some of the results this country accomplished last Tuesday. We voted: A disabled woman to the Senate An openly gay woman to the Senate Elizabeth Warren, who has a higher IQ than the rest of the Senate joined, to the Senate By popular vote, 3 […]

A Tale of Two Termites

Two, two hundred, two thousand, two million, two billion.  All named Fred.  That’s how no one has been punched in the face.  I name them so I mind their existence a little less. We’ve had a leak in that spot of the basement forever.  There’s also been a known pipe issue right there forever.  So, […]