I Get Around

Let’s take a look around at the different places you can find me online, these days. I’ll start by gently reminding those who want or need to know, that I’ve changed my twitter handle to @therealkmarrs.  My online cohorts know me as KMarrs.  That handle was taken.  By someone who hasn’t used it in 2 […]

Sam I Am VS Wordle

Also made this one into a shirt.

I’m Not Going To Lie

I think this is AWESOME! My baby is my muse.

Things I’ve Accomplished On This BUSY Wednesday

So wow, has today been damn busy! Since noon I have: Picked up paperwork from my meds doctor Gone to my 6wk OBGYN check-up Took that paperwork to work and showed off Sammy to people who still hadn’t seen her Gone grocery shopping Made a friend at the grocery store* I had two phone interviews […]

Aiming For Honesty

Ok. Top left hand column. Obvious ad/widget for my store. And wait. What’s that? Donate buttons? Let’s discuss. Store Honestly, while yes I make some profit off it… If you buy a baby onesies, I make enough profit to buy 2 taco bell hard tacos. I won’t be making a fortune off that store. If […]

The Day I Became Zazzled

[<a href="http://storify.com/walkingborder/the-day-i-became-zazzled" target="blank">View the story "The Day I Became Zazzled" on Storify]</a> Welcome to my store! No really.  I made a store! Because I wanted to advertise my desire to eat my baby.  But then I decided to advertise something else as well while there…