Been Thinking

I know.  I don’t call.  I don’t write.  Yet here I am wanting to talk school? Alright.  My duel major for my Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Applied Psychology are already in the works. From there I was planning my Masters in Psychology. But.  Out of the schools I’m looking at, most don’t even offer […]

Life Changing Breakthrough in One Scene

And ACTION! Karen Marrs According to the internet I’m part banana. And you could be up to 10% more or less banana than I. Karen Marrs You know, fuck opening a practice… I should go into the research side of things. Genetics, etc. What DNA marker, if any, makes a person more predisposed to […]

A Tisket A Tasket

School is going.  I’m doing quite well, but the classes I’m taking are college writing and Math.  So they were going to go well. Should help pad my GPA for when the going gets tough.  I did realize, much to my delight, that now that I’m full-time I’m eligible for the Dean’s List.  I look […]


I don’t do resolutions, but I guess I still have goals for the coming year.  Call them what you will. Read an average of a book a week ending the year at 52 books read. Read the entire Bible in full Write two blog posts a week ending the year at 104 posts written Keep […]

Life Decisions

With my mental health slipping away, and my fine motor skills leaving much to be desired, I’m left wondering how much longer I can continue to get through the day-to-day, all while pretending that I’m fully functioning. There is an old saying that a person only has so many spoonfulls of energy.  From this, the […]

Just Left Of The Right Thing To Do

To say I’m struggling right now would be a clear understatement.  I’m holding my head above water and all, but just barely.  Some days are worse than others.  Some days I want to quit life and just hide until I feel better.  Clearly not a good plan though, so I push forward. When I get […]

He Gets His Tact From Me

Me to Pat: Why are you looking at me like that? Thomas, very matter of fact: He thinks you’re funny looking. Me: Thanks kid! Thomas, still very matter of fact: You’re welcome.  Can we start the movie now?   Sorry guys, this psych class is kicking my ass.  I’m doing fabulous in it, though.  Rocking […]

Passive Aggressive

I’m heading to a 4.0 with this first class at Franklin.  Granted, it’s an easy class, but I’m headed to a high 4.0 so I’ve still worked for it.  When I was at CSCC, I had a 4.0 there as well until I had to drop 2 classes due to life circumstances.  I wasn’t skipping […]

Snap Shots

The lack of blog writing isn’t from the depression I blipped into.  No worries there.  Nope.  45+ hour work weeks, school, 3 kids and weekends at the pool simply leave little time for writing. So, I guess you could say my life is over flowing with all the good things. That said, I still want […]

Random Bits

None of these are long enough for a separate blog post all their own, so they are having a lesson in sharing. Speaking of sharing, my boys share a room.  And almost every morning they wake up ready to brawl, waking the rest of us with the sound of their fighting.  I say “almost” because […]