Hear My Plea

We officially have the keys to our first house. It’s rented, but it’s magic. I have wanted a house for the kids for over a decade now. And this house… It’s a 4 bedroom ranch with two bathrooms. Finally enough room that we aren’t tripping over each other just to move around. (We’ve been in […]

A Girl and Her Protector

My Samantha and her “Lou-Lou” have always had a unique relationship.  It is a step beyond your typical brother-sister relationship.  They are buddies, but it’s more than that.  It’s almost like a twin bond, but they are years apart and that still isn’t it. A recent example of this is the recent discovery that when […]

Yes, They Stayed

Look, the decision to leave the kids with Pat was impossible and yet obvious. I grieve not waking to their fighting and kissing them goodnight every night, but it was a decision that had to be made with logic and not emotion. First, while I am biologically their mother, he has been their primary caregiver […]

Princess Bear

Years and years ago, when Thomas was so very little, less than 6 months, but after I went back to work, he went through a fussy period each night.  His siblings later went through the same period.  It was the, “Thank God mom is finally home, I can go ahead and tell her how much […]

Blue Jean Baby

I want to put Sammy in ballet in a year or so.  I have no intentions of having her grow up to be a Prima Ballerina.  In fact, I’m planning on withdrawing her from classes once she reaches around first grade.  But I would love her to acquire a grace in those early years that […]

A Woman of Few Words

I spent all weekend at my mom’s doing laundry because my drier blew a fuse and while it’s a 3$ fix I had to order it in because this is a commonly needed part and local ran out.  Apparently this is the fuse that blows when trouble is brewing so it prevents more important shit […]

As Easy As Teaching ABCs To A Baby

We’ve already established I’m crazy. Stable or not, I don’t have issues, I have subscriptions. Though I prefer eccentric. So it shouldn’t be too far of a stretch of the imagination in me saying I’ve decided I’m going to try to teach Sambam to read by the time she is 3 or 4. Hear me! […]

Ladybug Girl

When I was in the bookstore in Dayton, 50$ in my pocket, I bought all sorts of books for the kids.  For Sambam I wanted something distinctly girly.  Most all of her books, at that point, were hand-me-downs from her brothers filled with trucks and all things boy.  And while I take no issue with […]

Hold Onto Your Hats – There Is A Toddler In The House!

Random fits of giggles with no obvious cause brings shivers of fear as you can only wonder what she is plotting. Kinder like fingers lead to her finding many things, not stealing.  She is not a dirty little thief.  You simply left it within her reach and they found their way to her possession.  Your […]

Broken Hearted

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to me.  Like Pat, Thomas and I getting matching monogrammed stockings for T’s first Christmas.  My mom bought them for us.  Then gladly bought one for Luke when he entered our life.  When Sammy’s turn came mom was happy to purchase again, when I realized they […]