Random Bits

None of these are long enough for a separate blog post all their own, so they are having a lesson in sharing. Speaking of sharing, my boys share a room.  And almost every morning they wake up ready to brawl, waking the rest of us with the sound of their fighting.  I say “almost” because […]

I Have A Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was diagnosed with mono and ordered a week of strict bed rest. And it was the best dream ever. Until. My dream self informed the doctor that this simply couldn’t happen because this week is both the 1st and the 3rd of the month and we are severely short-staffed. […]

Calling All Readers And Parents of Readers

Mostly parents because it was a long time since we were grade school with our noses in books.  Though if you can remember back that far, by all means chime in! I’m looking for books that my boys have to read!  I want book ideas for my nearly 10-year-old, whom reads at a 6th grade […]

Don’t Believe In Resolutions

My disinterest in New Years has been noted here before.  Usually with angst.  But as angst clears, stable reigns, and my disinterest continues, I can only conclude that it’s just not my holiday.  As such my drive to do an epic post recapping the last year just isn’t there.  And I loath resolutions.  I suppose […]

This ‘N’ That

Alright, so I am way over due to write something, so I am going to touch base with a general check-in. My blood pressure meds are working well, as long as I don’t miss a dose. But I keep some in my purse so I hopefully won’t miss any. In the event of a break […]

This ‘N’ That

I have been a touch on the quiet side here and there lately, I know.  I’d apologize but it’s life that has me busy, and I think that’s a good thing.  Most days. Work is still going pretty awesome.  I’ve been in my actual branch for what, a week and a half now?  I still […]

Is There Anybody Out There?

With this post, I’m trying to balance respectful with amusement, all while remaining 100% truthful.  If I failed in any way, please let me know and I’ll edit as needed.  Not looking to start a religion war.  I don’t see any point to it.  I firmly believe we all have a right to believe and […]

I Met A Spider

Her name is Charlie.  She is an orb weaver about the size of a quarter and not a threat to anyone or thing living in my household.  She lives outside, up high, where she isn’t in the way or in my face for me to panic.  She has caught a few hundred dozen skeeters and […]

Another Long One

This is another one of those a lot to cover in one post days, I’m afraid. I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch. I don’t think, at this time, that it calls for meds. It’s just life doing it’s thing. We’ll start with Facebook. I’ve been growing disgruntled with Facebook for a long time. […]

The End Is Near

I don’t normally remember my dreams. Even if I did, I wouldn’t normally share them. But the nightmare I had last night is still kinda freaking me out. I dreamed that two huge balls of fire hit the moon. Me and my boys, Pat included, were outside and so we saw it happen. The first […]

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