Life Changing Breakthrough in One Scene

And ACTION! Karen Marrs According to the internet I’m part banana. And you could be up to 10% more or less banana than I. Karen Marrs You know, fuck opening a practice… I should go into the research side of things. Genetics, etc. What DNA marker, if any, makes a person more predisposed to […]

He Gets His Tact From Me

Me to Pat: Why are you looking at me like that? Thomas, very matter of fact: He thinks you’re funny looking. Me: Thanks kid! Thomas, still very matter of fact: You’re welcome.  Can we start the movie now?   Sorry guys, this psych class is kicking my ass.  I’m doing fabulous in it, though.  Rocking […]

Random Bits

None of these are long enough for a separate blog post all their own, so they are having a lesson in sharing. Speaking of sharing, my boys share a room.  And almost every morning they wake up ready to brawl, waking the rest of us with the sound of their fighting.  I say “almost” because […]

I Don’t Post On Tuesdays But…

  “Tomorrow is impossible astronaut day!” Said I to my husband the evening prior, “So if you wake up with tally marks on your arm… It wasn’t me!” Now, be good and pass this on!

The Good Outnumber You

I wasn’t going to post today.  But sometimes life just needs commenting on.  So here, with only this as comment, is something I can stand behind.  Regular programming tomorrow.