You’re Not Writing!

Actually, I am.  Just not here.  And it’s mostly poetry. I’m not exactly doing well at the moment.  I mean, I don’t feel depressed and I’m not suicidal or any of that crap.  I just can’t get out of bed most days. Logic tells me that’s depression.  It’s weird being depressed, showing so many signs […]


You got the best of me Rest of me Tried and true test of me I lied for you Cried for you A piece of me died for you I wasn’t good enough Understood enough I knew I’d withstood enough You took your leave that day Slipped away No words of goodbye to say You […]

The Best Part

So I’ve reached the point of realization of the best part of my job.  Or, at least for this week.  There is always a new best part every week.  Which might actually be the ultimate best part of my job, now that I think about it. But I digress. I have found the best part […]

Sam I Am VS Wordle

Also made this one into a shirt.

Old Poetry VS Wordle Pt 3

Old Poetry VS Wordle Pt 2

Old Poetry VS Wordle

Feeling Poetic I Guess?

It’s 7:00 in the morningand I’m feeling half deadGotta wake the munchkinGotta drag him outa bedWe need time for some breakfastand a photo or twelveThen off to school we will headInto learning he will delveThere is no time to dallythere is no time to dillyWaking him’s like waking deadI don’t exaggerate, reallyBut it’s 7:00 in […]


Sometimes you look at meAnd I know I’m the only oneSometimes you look at meAnd I know I’m an inconvenienceSometimes you hold my hand while you driveAnd I know you want me thereSometimes you tell me to be quietAnd the silence could kill meSometimes you enjoy my maniaAnd we have fun togetherSometimes you can’t handle […]

Shoot. Me.

Oh my goodness!Oh what fun!Our little Jedi,Is turning 1! Invitations got printed today. I’m not ready for this. 18 days and counting.