A Tisket A Tasket

School is going.  I’m doing quite well, but the classes I’m taking are college writing and Math.  So they were going to go well. Should help pad my GPA for when the going gets tough.  I did realize, much to my delight, that now that I’m full-time I’m eligible for the Dean’s List.  I look […]

You Only Wish

I am in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee in a secluded cabin with my husband of 10 years and not a single child I birthed in site.  You only with you were me!

It’ll Be OK

Have you ever known someone who you can talk to for like 30 minutes tops, just to realize it’s actually been 4 hours? I think I’m suddenly going to be ok in the friendship department. If I can only have one local friend, then at least I seem to have found the one I need. […]

Our Song

Since the day I crossed the stage and accepted my high school diploma and my (then) friend sat in the audience, his chest filled with pride, little knowing that I’d soon be his, this has been our song. It’s meaning has increased for me, recently, as I truly appreciate all that he is for me. […]

A Pink Anniversary

I could have handled the sinuses. It moving to my chest was to be expected.  For me.  Everything moves to my chest.  I have a great chest, after all. But what I woke up to last Tuesday, the day before my 10-year-anniversary, was a bit much. I woke up for my shower at about 6.  […]

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