Music Monday

I find irony in this.

Music Monday

I don’t know, maybe Music Monday will be regular.  Maybe monthly.  But this is a pretty song that’s been running in my head.  So I’m sharing. (I do have next Monday’s scheduled.)     Tomorrow and Wednesday get kind of deep.  I have had them written and scheduled for awhile now, but keep pushing the […]

When Love Is Not Enough, Chronicles of LauraJo – A Review

The following is not a paid review, but I was given a free copy of the book and CD for the purpose of reading, enjoying and sharing my thoughts with you, my readers.  Everything I have to say is of my own opinion.  After years of people being convinced I should pitch scrap-book software and […]

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

The recovery I want to achieve means attaining the level of control and stability I felt when I was last well. It means simply getting on with my life. And at the moment I can’t do that, because the side effects of the meds are almost as disabling as the original symptoms were. Obviously I am […]

I Don’t Have Photographic Evidence

On the 19th of March, my mom, sister and I piled into my mom’s car and drove.  Her GPS “Maddy” took us the scenic route past farms, cows, horses and trains, without an interstate in sight.  But we were in no hurry.  We gave ourselves 5 hours to make a 2 hour drive. We got […]

Christmas Nears

Sorry about that, but it does. I have a favor to ask. One that doesn’t actually require you to do anything. If you are already planning an Amazon purchase or 20, can you enter the site by one of the links I offer? You don’t have to buy anything specific our even special, but by […]

Baked Noms

Having mastered the best muffins ever, and succeeding in a cake, I got creative. Image courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen, who also provided the idea. I took her from scratch version and did my “I can’t really bake yet” twist.  As in I used Bisquick and followed their recipe for pancakes.  Then I followed her […]


I can’t help but feel that teenagers need to see what real people look like.  A simple request that Seventeen refuses to follow.  After all, they do make their money telling you what you should (unrealistically) look like and then selling products that (won’t) make you look that way. Hrms… see the problem?  None-the-less, I […]

Literary Adventure

So I sat down and started playing Pottermore.  I guess it’s playing anyway.  It’s been called a game.  I, personally, find it more “literary adventure”.  But that’s following years of playing MMORPGs and the such. Anywho, it’s too early yet to see how obsessed with it I’ll be, but luckily I believe there is a […]


I think I am finally starting to realize why I haven’t been reading blogs much anymore. So many (not all) of my favorite blogs are written by women who have lost babies/children or who have extremely ill children, who weren’t necessarily born so.  Honestly, they often are some of the most passionate and even well […]