With Great Stupidity

I woke up in the early hours with a sword through my chest.  Swear to The Almighty He Who Is Or Isn’t that while it may have not been visible, it was there.  It started from the front, over the center of my chest, plunged through, and out through my spine.  Oddly, I think my […]

Baked Noms

Having mastered the best muffins ever, and succeeding in a cake, I got creative. Image courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen, who also provided the idea. I took her from scratch version and did my “I can’t really bake yet” twist.  As in I used Bisquick and followed their recipe for pancakes.  Then I followed her […]

Smells Good in Here!

I’m attempting baking.  Which, I’ve spent almost 30 years getting burned every dam time I’ve gone near the oven.  So this whole baking thing is a development that scares people.  But, I’ve invested in aloe and some mixes and I’m going in. I spent the first half of my marriage living with my mom and […]

The First 9

I’ve had snippets of thought run through my head on what I could possibly say to really get across what I’m thinking and feeling.  But nothing seems to come close. I’ve been married for 9 years.  That’s almost 1/3 of my entire life.  Really, mostly all of my adult life. 9 years. There are people […]

10 Glitter Bits

Last week? Sucked! So it is way past time to discuss the moments in my life that were epic this past little bit. 1. I got to work out some anger towards a PR bitch who wanted me to blatantly lie to you guys.  For 10 dollars. Not that 10,000 would have made the difference. […]

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