A Week In Photos – Friday

After a long week, cuddle time is essential. She was resting against my chest while I rocked her, when I took this.

A Week In Photos – Thursday

I believe selling to be about meeting your needs and not my goals. As such, I’m always looking for better ways to meet your needs.

A Week In Photos – Wednesday

While my classes are online making every day a potential school day, Wednesday seems to be the week day I get the most done.

A Week In Photos – Tuesday

Bank drive thru from the inside.

A Week In Photos – Monday

Flip flops off, work shoes on. This is my stash kept at work. I can drive in the flats so I wear them in.

Wordless Wednesday

I’m exhausted so here:

Yesterday’s Companion

I thought about posting this yesterday as well, but I didn’t want to imply that he died in service.  He was most certainly a vet who fought for our freedom.  But he outlived that war.  


A Woman of Few Words

I spent all weekend at my mom’s doing laundry because my drier blew a fuse and while it’s a 3$ fix I had to order it in because this is a commonly needed part and local ran out.  Apparently this is the fuse that blows when trouble is brewing so it prevents more important shit […]

April Photo a Day Challenge Day 1-6

Day 1: Your Reflection Day 2: Colour Day 3: (chain) Mail Day 4: Someone who makes you happy Day 5: Tiny Day 6: Lunch (Used my lunch break to grab some ice cream and my 8yo for a date.)