The Game Of Life

House Well, we were in contract.  Papers were to be signed on the 29th.  Keys were to be handed over.  Then the bank that was selling, since it was a foreclosure, made a rather large change to the deal, and we said “hell no” and now there is no house. There was a significant amount […]

To Clarify

At this time, we are NOT stopping my appointments with my therapist and my psychiatrist.  We just took me of meds, life is a changing… ending those appointments would be dumb.  But they are being scaled back.  My meds appointments are in off-meds maintenance mode, I see her every other month.  Therapy is headed that […]

Thank You

Thank you for not washing the towels yesterday despite our agreement, based on you living here rent and utility payment free (for nearing 5 years) and me doing laundry for 5 people. Because when the toilet overflowed at 1:30AM and I sprinted up a flight of stairs to find the only clean towels were your […]

Rambles… You Know The Drill

First off, and it must be said… I’d kill for a brownie. A 9x9in brownie. Hit man for hire, will work for chocolate. I got out of bed this morning, hopped on my menstrual cycle and I’m ready to run your ass over. Anyone’s ass really. I stole that from Jeff Dunham. It’s 7:00 and […]

Random Collection of Thoughts

I keep dreaming that I’m pregnant. It’s really frustrating. One part of me is wanting that 3rd baby, the rest of me knows the timing is not yet right. I’d have to go off all my meds, and I’m not ready for that. I told Pat that I would refuse the 3rd until we had […]

My Anger With My Father

I live in a house hold of 3 adults. I’m the only one that gets up and goes to work each day. We are all three disabled. Equally disabled, I don’t know. But all 3 disabled. I resent being the only one that works. That’s my problem, I deal with it to the best of […]

I Don’t Know What to Title This

My father is no longer seeing his therapist. They lost their funding so they can no longer see patients for “free”. Which means the battle to get him on meds is over before it had a chance to fully begin. Meanwhile he refuses to get on disability. It would give him a monthly food allowance […]

Decision and My Dad

I think what I’m going to have to do is sit down with him, tell him how I feel and what I’m seeing. Tell him it isn’t fair for him to treat us poorly because he messed up. Really talk with him. But then also let him know we need to see an attitude change […]

It’s 2 AM

I can’t sleep. I have a long day ahead and I can’t sleep. I have matters weighing heavy on my mind and I don’t know what to do, where to turn. My father has mental health issues. It’s clear to everyone but him. He sees a therapist, but hasn’t been diagnosed as anything and isn’t […]

My Meds

The capsules are Geodon. The blue and white one is 80 MG and the solid blue one is 40 MG. The 2 little white ones are Ativan at 1MG each. The 3 darker pink ones are celexa at 20MG each. The 3 lighter pink ones are trileptal at 150MG each. I take these pills every […]