I Can’t Feel My Tongue

If there is one flavor on this earth I hate more than cherry, it’s black cherry.  So imagine my delight to learn my new dissolvable medication is black cherry flavored.  I don’t get to chew, crush, or swallow this beasty.  No.  I get to put it on my tongue, where all my glorious taste buds […]

And That’s A Wrap!

I had my final, for a while, session with my Psychiatrist last week.  I’ve managed to keep up the stable long enough, and trying to get in is causing more stress than what it’s worth.  It’s something we’ve both known was coming for a while.  We’ve worked towards it.  Progressed to it. I can’t imagine […]

The Side Effects – Savella

Like any mental health med, there are of course a collection of side effects. Risk verses benefits. I want to talk about that. Savella is in the anti-depressant family. While it isn’t used to treat depression, as it has a slightly different formula, it has the same chemical basis. As such, any anti-depressant has one […]

On Being Heard

I’ve been to my new doctor. Awhile ago, actually, but I haven’t been in my writing groove. Then it got to be so far past the appointment that it left my mind to write about it. But this post is actually important. As my mental health has healed, my focus has turned to my physical […]

Don’t Believe In Resolutions

My disinterest in New Years has been noted here before.  Usually with angst.  But as angst clears, stable reigns, and my disinterest continues, I can only conclude that it’s just not my holiday.  As such my drive to do an epic post recapping the last year just isn’t there.  And I loath resolutions.  I suppose […]

Guess Who Gets To Go Back On Her Anti Depressant

This was written on my phone. I will fix crap later. I made the call myself between sessions asking if she’d call it in. Not battling anything major. Stress is piling on. Minor things in life adding up. Holidays and little sun coming soon. Figured I could use the help. Not thrilled to be on […]

I Picked A Hell Of A Time

For months I was only on the one med so that if/when postpartum hit I’d be ready.  For months I took my Cymbalta because I might get sad around the end of February. February came and went, but the sads never showed their face. Oh I had my moments but they were all life moments.  […]

12 Plus Hours Later.

Got to the hospital at 6.  OR at 7:30.  Was in the OR and alert for like 2 minutes when next thing I knew I was asleep.  I don’t remember any warning and count.  May not have been one.  I don’t care either way.  I didn’t need it. Next thing I knew I was waking […]

Just A Quick Meds Update

Before pregnancy, my anti-depressant was at 90mg of Cymbalta.  After Sammy was born, we started at 60 knowing we could up it at any time.  I’m officially put in the request for it to go back to the 90.  I’m not in bad shape, by any means, I just feel I could be doing better.  […]

Some Important Medical (Mental and Physical) Updates and Other Randomness Thrown In

There are like 5 blog posts I need to write.  Like a week ago.  So I’ve decided at this point, I’m just going to combine them all into one post.  Seems to make more sense than spamming the net with 5 posts in one day, yes? Current Mental Health State My mental state is really […]