Hear My Plea

We officially have the keys to our first house. It’s rented, but it’s magic. I have wanted a house for the kids for over a decade now. And this house… It’s a 4 bedroom ranch with two bathrooms. Finally enough room that we aren’t tripping over each other just to move around. (We’ve been in […]

A Girl and Her Protector

My Samantha and her “Lou-Lou” have always had a unique relationship.  It is a step beyond your typical brother-sister relationship.  They are buddies, but it’s more than that.  It’s almost like a twin bond, but they are years apart and that still isn’t it. A recent example of this is the recent discovery that when […]

Yes, They Stayed

Look, the decision to leave the kids with Pat was impossible and yet obvious. I grieve not waking to their fighting and kissing them goodnight every night, but it was a decision that had to be made with logic and not emotion. First, while I am biologically their mother, he has been their primary caregiver […]

Love Letters – Err, Numbers

My 5-year-old leaves me math to show me he loves me. While the signage is off or not at all, it’s addition if you look at the numbers in sequence. For the top one, the thing at the end is his plus sign. This, btw, is the proper way to tell a math geek you […]

Random Bits

None of these are long enough for a separate blog post all their own, so they are having a lesson in sharing. Speaking of sharing, my boys share a room.  And almost every morning they wake up ready to brawl, waking the rest of us with the sound of their fighting.  I say “almost” because […]

Dance of the Dragon

If I have my way, my say, Sammy won’t be the only one taking a class teaching poise and grace.  I hope to, around that same time if not sooner, get the boys in martial arts. I don’t have a specific form in mind.  I’ll go with what impresses me, has a class schedule we […]

A Woman of Few Words

I spent all weekend at my mom’s doing laundry because my drier blew a fuse and while it’s a 3$ fix I had to order it in because this is a commonly needed part and local ran out.  Apparently this is the fuse that blows when trouble is brewing so it prevents more important shit […]

Vehicular Vernacular

Pat and I had the “Is Lucas autistic” conversation the other day. It was immediately following the conversation over Lucas not just using the word “vehicular” correctly, but in a way most adults wouldn’t think to.  His imaginary friend was in a “vehicular accident” instead of a “car accident”.  Seriously, who says that?  My 5-year-old. […]

Handsome in Pink

Luke had his Ortho appointment, last Friday, for his wrist.  Apparently while it is just fractured in one spot, it is also broken in another. He remains steadfast in his bravery in these whole shenanigans. Probably because he got to pick out the details for his cast.  It’s hot pink, glows in the dark, and […]

I Have A Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was diagnosed with mono and ordered a week of strict bed rest. And it was the best dream ever. Until. My dream self informed the doctor that this simply couldn’t happen because this week is both the 1st and the 3rd of the month and we are severely short-staffed. […]