Dose of Happy? Try DAY of Happy!

Today’s plans? Well, Kate was coming over at some point, Pat was taking Thomas to an orthodontist consultation, and I was going on day 2 of no pants.  Good plans. Today’s reality? About 9AM Pat came down to wake me with the news that one of the best zoos in the country, which is about […]

Daily Photo

Photo Credit: Kate Metzger @ Wonderfully Made Imagining

Random Thoughts From My Head

My stomach hurts. I think it’s from the booze I drank last night. Not too much I had to drive with the kid in the car. Not even really enough for a buzz. I’m not sure why I bothered. I would have been better off taking my meds, which I had to skip to drink. […]

This Just In…

My 5 year old is plotting how he can pick up chicks using his new clothes that Kate bought him.

Just Now, On the Phone With Kate

Kate: Omg I just found the perfect shorts for Thom.. Omg look at that shirt! Omg! I gotta go! click

Oh God

Kate is at wal-mart armed with money asking me what sizes the boys wear. This isn’t the first time and the results are always cute. lol

J and K

Jesse: im not counting my chickens just yet but we will see how this goes Karen: I’m not counting anything either, but I’m incubating you two are the eggs. lol Jesse: lol Karen: doode! ZOMG! IF you two got married you’d be J and K L! FATE! Jesse: omg i hate you Karen: LOL

Woo Hoo!

So right now I’m talking to one of my besties, Jesse, in regards to one of my other besties, Kate. About a month ago I started the process of setting the two of them up. They are in the early getting to know each other, talking all the time phase. Yet I can’t help but […]