5 Years

Right now, after 9 really long, hard years, things are finally really starting to look brighter.  It’s been a constant battle to be where we are and even so, there is much room to improve.  So while I gladly accept what progress we’ve made, here is what I would like to see happen in 5 […]

Your Vote Is Needed

Karen: Jesse you are a tie breaker you are the person who decides who is normal and who is fucked up. Are you ready for this? can you handle the power? are you even there? Jesse? Sent at 9:14 PM on Thursday Jesse: Wat Karen: ok when you get a song stuck in your head […]

I Could See Jesse Doing This Some Day

This enterprising Linux user wrote a script that rhythmically opens and closes the CD tray on a tower PC; the CD tray is connected to the baby’s rocking seat. As the tray cycles, the baby rocks. Lovely.

Photoshop Win

Jesse: Your picture of TK in the swing would look awesome if there was no tan pole lol So I fixed it

This Just In…

Writing a book should not feel like pulling teeth. This shit is hard work! The problem is I can get the bones of the book on paper easily, but filling it in with meat is tragically impossible. My memory just doesn’t work properly. But I’m determined to do this. I’m determined to make it work. […]

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