Going to my first ever convention tonight.  It’s a convention for the LARP Pat plays in each week.  I’d love to play each week but motherhood calls.  However their yearly convention is just down the road, my mom was lined up to babysit and away we go!  I’m nervous as hell.  I don’t know most […]

Collection of Thought to Round Out the Week

#1 best thing about moving into an actual house in a month?  When I hear random stomping, pounding, banging, etc I will know 100% for sure it’s coming from my house and not the house connected to me house.  Currently listening to what sounds like a cat running back and forward above me.  There is […]

The Character Alignment Of My 8-Year-Old

Ok, long conversation at the dinner table between me and the boys regarding good vs bad behavior.“Is throwing your food good or bad?”“Is eating all your veggies before asking for dessert good or bad?”“Is sitting and reading quietly good or bad?”“Is ripping your books good or bad?”“What is something you could do to be good?”“What […]

Stand Real Still, This Might Hurt A Little

Me: I want to play a kender photographerPat: Not possible.Me: Pinhole photography!Pat: It hasn’t been invented yet!Me: Someone has to invent it!Pat: That wouldn’t be a kenderMe: Fine! A gnome photographer!Pat: Outlining someone silhouette in char isn’t photography!

In Response aka I’m so Happy

Pat’s live journal: Karen and I… there are so many ways I could end that sentence. when we met we were players in someone Else’s game, when we fell in love we were players in someone Else’s game, when we were happy we were players in someone Else’s game. I tried so many times to […]

I Gotta Key

The entire point to this is to make my hubby giggle. Cuz sometimes you just gotta giggle. Oh yeah, PLAY DDO! *coughDAVIDcough*

I’m Playing…

EVE Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. You have to buy EVE and pay a monthly fee to play it. However, DDO is completely free and a lot of fun. You should go download it. David, I’m looking at you. You should go download. You, David. It seems we aren’t playing wow anymore. I’m not […]

Things I Love

This is the counter post to the things I hate list. I’m leaving off the obvious stuff like family and oxygen because, dur. In no certain order. NoodlesThis is by far my favorite food in the whole world. I don’t care what kind of sauce or whatever they have on them. It can even be […]

Games Redux

I lost my train of thought on that last post when my mom and oldest showed up at the back door. In order to pick it back up, I need to start at the beginning. I also have to be careful because a lot of this is personal to Pat, not me and therefore none […]


I’m trying to lose myself into Morrowind for the PC and I’m failing. WoW, pictured above, lost my interest awhile ago. It’s suppose to be a social game and I was always by myself. I need a game. Something to kill time between things. This post interrupted by me needing to be momma.