This week has a theme that I would apologize for if the apology wouldn’t be a lie.

Some of these have sources as part of the image, though they are zoomed down due to so many frames. The rest… well this is going crazy all over in tumblr land so I tracked most of them down as far as this blog but from there I’m not sure. Sorry. If anyone wants to claim or give perfect sourcing, I’ll be happy to include it.













There you go. Again, I’m not sorry because these are amusing as hell and I’m just super excited for the real thing and basically all MARVEL movies ever.

Also: Real post soon, I promise!


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Drama Queen








Most of this is from Tumblr or Pintrest





Dude. You’ve done a few of these. What the fuck is this all about?
Well, I’m glad you asked! These are my little moments of sunshine from the past week. By sharing them I’m reminding myself that this blog exists and will hopefully trigger other blog posts about my actual life and condition. I’m hoping that maybe I might get a chuckle from the people reading this blog. I really do enjoy sharing the things from my various fandoms that I found that made me laugh harder than usual.  I am very active on tumblr and I like to browse pintrest, so I come across all sorts of random shit.


Most of this is from Tumblr or Pintrest



cyber squirrel

da thing


Most of this is from Tumblr or Pintrest


This Web Game is hours of fun!

This Web Clock is, sadly, also hours of fun. The best/worst part is that you’ll know to the second how much of your likfe you just wasted/spent staring at it.



Most of this is from Tumblr or Pintrest

NASA Smaug


We officially have the keys to our first house. It’s rented, but it’s magic. I have wanted a house for the kids for over a decade now. And this house… It’s a 4 bedroom ranch with two bathrooms. Finally enough room that we aren’t tripping over each other just to move around. (We’ve been in a 5 bedroom for the past 6 years. The 5 of us.) The backyard could be classified a park it’s so big and it’s on a non-active air force base. We’re in the old base housing. We actually got an officer’s house. And we’re a 5 minute walk from the airport itself, right down from where they park the Apaches. My boys think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Even the most hesitant of them, Lucas who has only ever know this house and is timid and sensitive, is in heaven. Sambam is just in aw. It’s like she’s been left alone in a candy/toy store. Her favorite part is her closet, she insists she’s going to sleep there. I share the sentiment, it’s been a long time since my clothes haven’t hung from a pipe in the basement. I asked Thomas what the best part about leaving this house was and he waved his arms around to indicate all of it. It’s taken us over 11 years, but Pat and I have finally been able to give our kids what we’ve always wanted for them. I don’t even care it’s rented; that means if shit breaks, someone else has to fix it. The neighborhood is safe, the schools are great, I want to die of old age in this house! We can rent to own so that might damn well happen!

Here is this problem: This very first month, with the costs of moving, and some new financial sources not yet kicking in, we are in the biggest financial pickle we have ever been in. I am asking, hoping, wishing that those who might be able, to kick a buck or two or whatever you can our way. We are desperate. This money wouldn’t be covering shit and giggles, but the essentials of life. If you can help, please visit the donation button to the left which will go straight to my paypal. It’s always been there as a thank you for running this site, and as a little extra something which people have very kindly occasionally offered. But now, I really need it there. If you can’t give, please know we understand and love you all the same. We accept happy thoughts, crossed fingers, and blessing of good luck on this next stage in our family adventure, just as gratefully. There is also the option of sharing this cry for help with those you know? Only if you are comfortable with it. But sometimes, just sometimes, magic happens. And we really could use just a little more. (I’m not lying, this house is pretty magical.)

Photos you ask?


The front of the house, which needs some work but we’re happy to. Thrilled to!


The back yard! I assure you: Sambam and I have already twirled barefoot in that grass. Skirts swirling, heads dizzy, hearts, glowing, mouths laughing.


Ah there she is, exploring our first ever covered parking. We’ll finally be able to keep the kid’s bikes at our place, chained to those pillars. But the neighborhood is perfect for afternoon bike rides.

I truly love you all who come here. Please know that. And I thank you all for every visit. For every comment ever left. And for any outcome from this post.

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