Hear My Plea

We officially have the keys to our first house. It’s rented, but it’s magic. I have wanted a house for the kids for over a decade now. And this house… It’s a 4 bedroom ranch with two bathrooms. Finally enough room that we aren’t tripping over each other just to move around. (We’ve been in […]

A Tisket A Tasket

School is going.  I’m doing quite well, but the classes I’m taking are college writing and Math.  So they were going to go well. Should help pad my GPA for when the going gets tough.  I did realize, much to my delight, that now that I’m full-time I’m eligible for the Dean’s List.  I look […]

I Did It!

I have been missing it since last fall.  Never thought I would, but the feeling of power that comes from pushing through the burn as my feet hit the pavement, is strangely addictive. Warm up.  Run.  Walk.  Run.  Walk.  And so on until cool down and collapse. I have it nowhere near by the book.  […]

You Only Wish

I am in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee in a secluded cabin with my husband of 10 years and not a single child I birthed in site.  You only with you were me!

A Comparison In Size

One weighs 6.6 pounds. The other doesn’t even register on the scale. One is the bringer of doom to spiders found in my bed. The other could be carried around by the spiders in my bed. Both are awesome.


I wasn’t expecting the package.  When I opened my mail box and found the key to the community package box, I cursed our idiot mailman.  He’s forever getting things wrong.  So, I took out the key and opened the community box expecting to have to pay a neighbor a visit.  I looked at who it […]

Love Letters – Err, Numbers

My 5-year-old leaves me math to show me he loves me. While the signage is off or not at all, it’s addition if you look at the numbers in sequence. For the top one, the thing at the end is his plus sign. This, btw, is the proper way to tell a math geek you […]

You Gotta Have Faith

Faith and I met when Thomas was 1.  We last saw each other not long after he turned 2.  He turns 10 in less than a month.  So to say it had been awhile is an understatement. I’m not sure what happened to cause us to drift.  We weren’t extremely close to begin with.  We […]

Life Can Smell Your Fear

I think life is about doing the things that scare you until they no longer scare you.  When was the last time you did something that scared you?  Did you do it again and again until fear was the last thing you could imagine feeling? This year has been about crossing things off my to-do […]

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

I’m trying to train myself to wake up every morning between 5:30 and 6. The idea being, maybe I can get shit done in those early morning hours before the house awakes. Having started school back up, every quiet moment I get is vital. The major flaw is I’m known to hit the snooze, think […]

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