You got the best of me Rest of me Tried and true test of me I lied for you Cried for you A piece of me died for you I wasn’t good enough Understood enough I knew I’d withstood enough You took your leave that day Slipped away No words of goodbye to say You […]

On Blank Slates and Life Collages

As I have struggled over the past few weeks I have been guided to the simple fact that I get a life and personality reset.  A blank slate to build myself, find myself, and who I am.  I can wipe the slate of who I am clean and decide from this point on who I […]

The ABC’s of Sexuality

(I wrote this weeks ago.  And I’ve debated posting it.  Which, as we all know is rare for me, but none-the-less I have been debating.  I don’t know why.  But should this go live, it was written in June so that’s how long it took me to find courage.) Part 2 The term is Asexual.  […]


I live life filled with passion. I am fiercely loyal whether you deserve it or not and I will love all those in my life with the passion of the burning sun.  It doesn’t matter the role in my life, there is a love to match it.  Sibling, romantic, brain stimulant, life inspiration. I go […]


So rarely am I ever at a true loss for words.  You don’t have to know me long to know I’m happy to talk your ear off about anything and everything.  Rarely does a thought pop into my head that I don’t share, even if it’s simply out loud to myself. So this struggle with […]