The Dates

All the necessary dates we’ve been missing for this move are in. Dad is out this coming Monday.  June 11, to be exact. We close June 29th.  We have to be 100% out of our current apartment July 4th. We were hoping to have the summer to move slowly but it isn’t going to happen […]

DBT Plans

Part of me wants to go through a full series of DBT.  Not because I’m in crisis mode, but because I think a skills refresher will help me cope with and respond to the boys’ behavior better.  Things remaining as they are could throw me into crisis mode.  Easily. Most of me knows that finding […]

It All Comes At A (High) Cost

I would argue that cost is gas money, while some might argue it’s my soul. Buddhism keeps popping up in my life.  I’ll read something and go, “Wow!  I could belive in and/or follow that!” I’ll take a silly quiz and it will tell me it’s the best suited religion.  The first highly noted incident […]

DBT Week 4 – Core Mindfulness

Taking Hold of the Mind: “How” Skills Non judgmentally See but don’t evaluate. Take a nonjudgmental stance. Just the facts. Focus on the “what” not the “good” or “bad”, the “terrible” or “wonderful”, the “should” or “should not”. Unglue your opinions from the facts, from the “who, what ,where and when”. Accept each moment, each […]

DBT Week 3 – Core Mindfulness

Types of Cognitice (Thinking) Distortions All or nothing thinhking – You see things in black-and-white categories. If your performance falls short of perfect, you see yourself as a total failure. Overgeneralization – You see a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat. Magnifying the negative – You exaggerate the importance of a negative […]

DBT Week 2 – Core Mindfulness

Emotional Mind – Thinking is impaired, thinking distortions are common, distances from others, impaired decisions Wise Mind – Ideal for relationships and decision making. It’s half way in between emotional and reasonable mind. Reasonable Mind – Impaired decisions and distances from others To differentiate a feeling from a thought” Only a feeling can fit in […]

DBT Week 1 – Core Mindfulness

There are 3 states of mind: reasonable mind, emotional mind, and wise mind. Reasonable mind is intellectual, rational and logical. It attends to facts. It is planful in behavior and focused in attention. Reasonable mind is “cool” in it’s approach to problems. Emotional mind is behavior and thinking controlled by emotions. Reasonable thinking is difficult […]

DBT and Me Pt 2 aka A Quick Note

I was going to post this as a comment to my last post but then I decided too many people would miss it tucked away there. This isn’t my first time with DBT. This is more like my 4th or 5th go with it. I get something new with each pass. There are so many […]

DBT and Me

DBT started this week. I did indeed miss the first one though due to being sick. I am, however, looking forward to catching the rest of the classes. My goal is to post what was taught each week after class. So it’ll kinda be like you are going through DBT with me. I’ll be using […]

DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT is a therapeutic method developed by Marsha Linehan used to treat people with Borderline Personality Disorder. It uses cognitive-behavioral techniques for emotion regulation. It teaches mindful awareness, distress tolerance and acceptance. There are 16 classes total that focus on 4 areas: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. Mindfulness is the foundation for […]