A Week In Photos – Friday

After a long week, cuddle time is essential. She was resting against my chest while I rocked her, when I took this.

A Week In Photos – Thursday

I believe selling to be about meeting your needs and not my goals. As such, I’m always looking for better ways to meet your needs.

A Week In Photos – Wednesday

While my classes are online making every day a potential school day, Wednesday seems to be the week day I get the most done.

A Week In Photos – Tuesday

Bank drive thru from the inside.

A Week In Photos – Monday

Flip flops off, work shoes on. This is my stash kept at work. I can drive in the flats so I wear them in.


I feel like instead of a blog post I should make a proper list of all the things I need to get done. As I sit here typing this on my phone, no less than 3 hours after it was due to drop, we’ll make item 1 on that list: Write some blog posts to […]

Random Bits

None of these are long enough for a separate blog post all their own, so they are having a lesson in sharing. Speaking of sharing, my boys share a room.  And almost every morning they wake up ready to brawl, waking the rest of us with the sound of their fighting.  I say “almost” because […]

Hello Mellow Yellow

Yep, still here.  Christmas was good.  I should post on it.  Just been busy.  Worked closer to 50 hours last week, than 40.  Then of course, holiday hoopla.  I’ll be back at another time and day for a general check in with feeling and detail.  Just not now.  Walking out the door in 10.


I haven’t written in a while.  Not any real content really.  And not for lack of things to say, but for lack of words to give the thoughts form. Sadly, this post isn’t to say that I found those words.  This is simply here as a place holder to let the world know I’m alive […]

My Boy’s Best Friend

Thomas has a best friend. I learned of this friend a couple of years ago, but didn’t know much about him.  As this past school year began, I was waiting for a turn at a parent teacher meeting when I happened upon the best friend’s family.  His mom knew me right away, I drew a […]

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