Quick Notes

We bought the rats unsalted peanuts in their shells today. Watching them fight over 1, when I had the entire bag in my hands was funny. Watching them fight over anything is comical. They don’t fight dirty. They just play grab and run. You’d have to see it to understand. I’m sure David gets where […]

This Just In…

My oldest has informed me that next Easter is going to be at Brenda’s house. Does she know about this? Well that’s easy, I can tell her. Brenda, I’m not holding you to this. He’s young, he’ll get over it. One time a tradition make. He is me kid.

BPD Work Ethics and Other Rambles

The first thing of note was the accident. Not mine. I witnessed a hit and run accident where a car pulled out into a busy intersection, smashed an oncoming car who had right of way, and kept on going. I stopped and hung out at the scene to be a witness to the accident. The […]

Bad Day

I’m not sure how I feel about not being pregnant. Relieved and sad together, really. So I know exactly how I feel. I electrocuted myself. Not bad enough that I need medical help, but enough it traveled through my body. I cried in front of the guys at work. My feelings were hurt and I […]

People in Places

I need to thank the people who came to visit me in the hospital. Pat and mom go without saying. Both made their support known loud and clear. Brenda I had the feeling would be there if I wanted her. As soon as I made it known I did, she made the trek up to […]

Feeling Included

I’m going to a pottery party a week from this coming Tuesday at Brenda’s house. I’m stupidly excited.

Brenda Has Discovered Google Talk

It’s amazing. Finally someone who has the patience to just sit and talk with me.

Brenda’s Lab

Thomas informed me over dinner I should work with Brenda in Brenda’s lab. And I most assuredly miss working for Brenda in that lab. That’s the problem though, I miss Brenda, not working for another supervisor. Brenda’s lab is Brenda’s, whereas right now I’m in my own. It would be so easy to work there […]

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