I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I don’t write anymore.  I’m just waiting for the day where my days aren’t measured by the spoonful.  I’m waiting to find the words to explain what the hell is happening to me.  I’m not doing ok, but I’ll live through it.

You’re Not Writing!

Actually, I am.  Just not here.  And it’s mostly poetry. I’m not exactly doing well at the moment.  I mean, I don’t feel depressed and I’m not suicidal or any of that crap.  I just can’t get out of bed most days. Logic tells me that’s depression.  It’s weird being depressed, showing so many signs […]

I Can’t Feel My Tongue

If there is one flavor on this earth I hate more than cherry, it’s black cherry.  So imagine my delight to learn my new dissolvable medication is black cherry flavored.  I don’t get to chew, crush, or swallow this beasty.  No.  I get to put it on my tongue, where all my glorious taste buds […]

Open Doors

By trying to put logic to this subject, you’re trying to put logic to BPD.  And I ask you: Would this site even need to exist if you could put logic to BPD?  All I know is that this is what 11 years of trial and error with my husband has led to.   I […]

Patrick the Grey

This has some controversy.  I told my mom about this and it felt like she was ready to disown me.  I think she is settling into it some.  All I can ask her for is support, if not understanding.  She doesn’t have to agree. Neither do you. With BPD comes black and white thinking.  You […]

How To Deal With Someone With Depression

Life Decisions

With my mental health slipping away, and my fine motor skills leaving much to be desired, I’m left wondering how much longer I can continue to get through the day-to-day, all while pretending that I’m fully functioning. There is an old saying that a person only has so many spoonfulls of energy.  From this, the […]

When Love Is Not Enough, Chronicles of LauraJo – A Review

The following is not a paid review, but I was given a free copy of the book and CD for the purpose of reading, enjoying and sharing my thoughts with you, my readers.  Everything I have to say is of my own opinion.  After years of people being convinced I should pitch scrap-book software and […]


As I feel myself slipping into a dark place again, I am for once in my life doing everything I can to head it off.  Very constructive, beneficial stuff at that.  In place of self destructing, I’m attempting reconstructing. I gave myself last weekend to refuse to leave my bed.  Pity party, maybe, but I […]


Being on the side of the well spouse is an option. Being on the side of the sick spouse is another option. But I defy anyone arguing the decision to say “Fuck that noise” and choosing the side of the children. Does this pertain to a specific family? Yes. Does it have to? No. This […]

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