Snap Shots

The lack of blog writing isn’t from the depression I blipped into.  No worries there.  Nope.  45+ hour work weeks, school, 3 kids and weekends at the pool simply leave little time for writing. So, I guess you could say my life is over flowing with all the good things. That said, I still want […]

I Have To Ask

Do I take myself too seriously? This blog too seriously? Are my mountains actually molehills? Should I laugh more? Could I make you laugh more? Should humor be a tool? Can it be, for me?

Fie Fi Fo Fum

I wrote a guest post over at Dawnie’s place yesterday. It is not my usual work. I didn’t mention BPD even once. But I did provide the proper use of the word fie in a sentence. And other word fun. I’m told it’s actually funny and amusing. Which may be. Go and see?  Then come […]

Just Write

No excuses. Push posts 2-3 times a week. No set topic. Just write. Anything. Everything. I will find my voice. See what people respond to. See what I respond to within my body of work. See what feels right. Just write. Sit down an hour a night. Sit down an hour, a few nights a […]


When I started this blog, back in December of 2008, one of the first things I pondered inside me and on paper was what my online identity would be.  Not being infertile or an ex-Mormon, but instead being in the throes of BPD and the early diagnostic stages, it was fairly obvious what my niche […]