I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I don’t write anymore.  I’m just waiting for the day where my days aren’t measured by the spoonful.  I’m waiting to find the words to explain what the hell is happening to me.  I’m not doing ok, but I’ll live through it.

Snap Shots

The lack of blog writing isn’t from the depression I blipped into.  No worries there.  Nope.  45+ hour work weeks, school, 3 kids and weekends at the pool simply leave little time for writing. So, I guess you could say my life is over flowing with all the good things. That said, I still want […]

I Have To Ask

Do I take myself too seriously? This blog too seriously? Are my mountains actually molehills? Should I laugh more? Could I make you laugh more? Should humor be a tool? Can it be, for me?

Fie Fi Fo Fum

I wrote a guest post over at Dawnie’s place yesterday. It is not my usual work. I didn’t mention BPD even once. But I did provide the proper use of the word fie in a sentence. And other word fun. I’m told it’s actually funny and amusing. Which may be. Go and see?  Then come […]

Just Write

No excuses. Push posts 2-3 times a week. No set topic. Just write. Anything. Everything. I will find my voice. See what people respond to. See what I respond to within my body of work. See what feels right. Just write. Sit down an hour a night. Sit down an hour, a few nights a […]


When I started this blog, back in December of 2008, one of the first things I pondered inside me and on paper was what my online identity would be.  Not being infertile or an ex-Mormon, but instead being in the throes of BPD and the early diagnostic stages, it was fairly obvious what my niche […]


I’ve been having issues with my feed since I rebuilt the site.  I’ve been suspecting it to be very broken.  I completely removed it and then rebuilt it this afternoon hoping that things are working again.  If anyone wants to subscribe to the feed for this blog, the button is to the right.  But then, […]

You Can Find Me Here And Here But Not There

I am leaving Facebook by the end of the month.  I am giving as much warning as possible because I will have people mad about losing access to stories about the kids.  Not to mention that the Facebook page for this site won’t exist. I am still all over the internet, just no longer am […]


I don’t blog as much as I use to, so me begging for votes for myself would be selfish.  But with that in mind there are some amazing bloggers I’d love to see win and I’m sure you have some as well. The Bloggies are the Oscars of the blog awards and you have a […]

Why I Blog

As things slow down around here and I average a handful of posts a month instead of the handful a week or even day I use to produce, I ask myself, in moments of weakness, why I continue on.  Why not shut this place down? Oh, I always pull myself out of that.  Too many […]