A Klutz With Fibromyalgia

ER Doctor: So what did you do to your wrist? Me:I tripped over a kid, not my own, and braced my fall with it. Dr: Ow!  And you did this today (Late Thursday)? Me: No… Sunday afternoon. Dr: And you’re just coming in? Me: Well, I’m a klutz with fibromyalgia.  If I came in every […]

In A World

In a world where beauty is the first thing noted. In a world full of world full of words like: beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, cute, adorable, sexy, etc. In a world where intelligence seems to be the afterthought.  They’ll notice your tits before they notice how you can foil out those binomials. In a world where […]

Top 10 Things You Can’t Truly Appreciate Until You’ve Spent A Week In A Psych Ward

1. Not having to choose between scalding and freezing water when showering.  Seriously, they want you showering daily as a sign of mental competence, but the water does not recognize that warm is an option.  I even love hot showers.  Really hot showers.  This was burning. 2. Bath towels larger than a hand towel.  I […]

Passive Aggressive

I’m heading to a 4.0 with this first class at Franklin.  Granted, it’s an easy class, but I’m headed to a high 4.0 so I’ve still worked for it.  When I was at CSCC, I had a 4.0 there as well until I had to drop 2 classes due to life circumstances.  I wasn’t skipping […]

A Comparison In Size

One weighs 6.6 pounds. The other doesn’t even register on the scale. One is the bringer of doom to spiders found in my bed. The other could be carried around by the spiders in my bed. Both are awesome.