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I’m Funny, Dammit!

Posted June 19, 2015 By kmarrs

The following is my cell phone background.

It’s blue and simple and classic and not overly special, but I like it. I really do.




Wait for it.

Wait for it.




The following is my lock screen back ground.


You could, in fact, say he’s guarding my galaxy.

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The Walking the Borderline Weekender

Posted June 13, 2015 By kmarrs

Walking the Borderline Blog BPD Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you ever have slumber parties when you were little? I did. Man could shit go down at those. They could also go way wrong. One of my earliest memories of girl-on-girl betrayal went down on a slumber party.  A slumber party where no one showed up.  They really didn’t get much better after that.  Girls are mean.  I don’t just mean in general, but to each other.  I really don’t know what’s up with that.

I’m in a place now where I could really use a few more girl friends.  I lost one I thought was a keeper when she said some things causing me to lose all respect for her.  So I’m left in this, is it just me, or are all friendships this hard to maintain, place.  Then I remember my two most loyal gal pals, Dez and Sarah.  We’ve had a monthly party ever month since like January I think?  We missed one month where schedules were just too crazy, but I think we were all bummed about that.

This month’s party is going down tonight and we’re having a, wait for it…. SLUMBER PARTY!  We’ll they aren’t really sleeping over, but that’s the theme.  We’re ordering in pizza, I have ice cream, chocolate, cookies, chips and pop.  We’re going to watch movies, and the dress code is comfy cozy.  I’m looking forward to this slumber party and I have little doubt that it’ll be drama free.

Unlike the ones I had growing up.


This week in my store:

Yeah, so I designed nothing and bought everything.  Pat got approved for a line of credit and after some bills were taken care of, we did a little bit of clothes shopping.  I got some skirts from amazon and some shirts from my store.  I can’t wait to see them in person and I think they’ll look fabulous on me.  Oh, and before you go holy cow that’s a lot, remember I get a designer discount and I had 15% off my order on top of that.


Profits from my store go towards supporting my family.  And there is always some sort of coupon code running across the top of the page!

Speaking of my store, you can find a link to the WTBL new items up along the top. It’ll take you here. I actually own the pink shirt. No joke, I love it! All items in the WTBL store are great ways to support the blog and my family at the same time!  Seriously.  This and my writing (books/blog) are what I currently do for a living now.

Also a gentle reminder that my first ever book is published and for sale at amazon.  It’s a cute little tongue twister of a book that’s fun to read aloud.  Inside animal friends will help your little ones learn their alphabet.  Each letter is represented in huge colorful graphics, just right for little fingers to trace.  I knew what I wanted in a kid’s book for Sammy, I couldn’t find it, so I made my own.  Do you have kids?  Nieces and nephews?  Little cousins?  Judging by the fact Sammy won’t let her copy out of her sight, this book is sure to be a hit!


This is Pepper Penguin and clicking on her will take you to the book over at Amazon!

In closing, this quiet observation:

Either lightning bugs are getting faster, or I’m getting slower, but Sambam and I were out there for a good 30 minutes and we caught a total of 2.  One of which couldn’t even fly.


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Posted May 26, 2015 By kmarrs

IMG_20150520_083751So there is a viral video going around of exactly how easy it is for someone to snatch a child off the streets.  You show up with a puppy and they are yours.  To some degree it doesn’t matter how much or how well you talk to your kids.  They aren’t wired to process a danger like that.

Never-the-less you talk and talk and talk to them anyway.

Sambam is about that age and she’s being allowed to play out back on her own some, though please understand I can see and hear the entire backyard from my desk and am 2 steps from the back door.  She goes out there for little “flower” (dandelion) picking excursions and I watch on, unable to keep up with the back and forward.  But hey, the neighborhood is safe and I’m watching closely.  So I have little fear, and let her free range some.  Which is such a weird phrase to apply to children but it’s a parenting method that I believe in verses hovering over every single step they take.  I’m not letting her wander the neighborhood, just the backyard that I can see well.  Hell, she spends most the time on the back porch.

Anyway, so we’re having the stranger conversation and it involves many scenarios that start with the words “If a stranger…”.  Of course we also discuss what a stranger is, which is still a foreign concept to a degree, but practice makes perfect.

So in conclusion I bring you this lovely little quote from the first time I presented her with a scenario.  I wanted to see what she said, and we could take the conversation from there.

Me: Hey Sammy!  If a strange man offers you candy, what do you say?

Sammy: Please?

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Literary Time Travel

Posted May 15, 2015 By kmarrs

old_book_clip_art_20190This was due yesterday, which I thought was today, meaning I should have written this two days ago.  Though I couldn’t have because what I’m going to write about happened today for me, yesterday for you.

I blame the hormone imbalance of having started my period, but I’ve decided self publishing is way too easy as far as publishing itself goes, but horrid for any possible publicity.  So I’ve gone crazy-er and have decided to do this the old-fashioned, books smell pretty, way.  Of course I didn’t know exactly how one does this.  I still don’t.  But I do now know that the first step is to get a literary agent.  I basically need to convince them that my book is a great investment so that they can convince a publisher that my book is a great investment and then POOF published.  There is some magic in there.  And preying.

I’ve sent my Letter of Query, synopsis, a few chapters, and an author bio out to 10 different agents.  I have a list of many more I can try later.  However, I think I’m going to wait til I get these first 10 responses, see what they say, tweak my letter/synopsis/chapters/bio some, and then send to 10 new.

If all else fails I’ll look up the agents behind Twilight and 50 Shades.  I mean, come on.  If they can get published…

No.  That’s mean.  I mean they sold like crazy for their target market and made their agents very rich.

Who am I to knock that as a writer?

Now as a reader…

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Wordless Wednesday

Posted May 6, 2015 By kmarrs

Let me use this in a sentence: My husband’s outrage at me being able to play “penguin” was noisy.

Though technically he was noisy before the penguin ever entered the scene.

Also: I added an extra “E” to noisy twice and my spellcheck corrected me.

To clarify: He played noisy, not me.

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Wordless Wednesday

Posted April 29, 2015 By kmarrs
Borderline Personality Disorder BPD Therapy Symptom management

The husband, oldest, and I are playing a new game. It’s been awhile since I’ve played a mmorpg. But I’m enjoying myself and the escape from reality. Reality and I aren’t getting along recently. So this is great therapy.

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