Author: kmarrs


I am indeed offering ad space on this here blog.  I don’t charge much, but I do have a kid in diapers and mouths to feed.  So any extra bacon and pancakes I can throw on the table is a huge plus!

Rates for are:

  • $50 a month for text ads for bloggers/artists/writers.
  • $75 a month for text ads for businesses.
  • $300 a month for graphic ads.
  • $750+ for a post pimping your product or page, but I do ask that it both be relevant to this site and something I can stand behind fully. gets 3-5K hits a months with a small, but fiercely loyal following.  We don’t like bullshit and we won’t stand for it.  But we do like to support and promote those in our community.

Please feel free to contact me at kmarrs at walkingtheborderline dot com for more details.