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Thoughts on the Trump Administration

I’ve kept my trap shut.  Here anyway.  I’m constantly sharing shit over at tumblr.  If you don’t follow me there, I suggest you do.  I stream has an ongoing 24/7 queue of animals posting every 30 minutes, and then when I’m active it’s up-to-date news on things like what Trump is up to, LBGTQA rights, and other civil rights movements.  It’s not always cheery, but that’s why I balance it out with the animals and other funny things.  Anyway, here is the link to me over there.  I’m far more active there and as ever, uncensored.

Anyway, I’m not going to get into it long winded style on Trump today.  I’m instead going to sum it up by sharing this photo from WW2 taken over in Britain during the height of the war.

That’s a great poster on the wall there.  “Freedom is in peril.  Defend it with all your might.”  It really summed up the times, back then.  It also, has a certain ring to it for now.  So much so that… wait a minute…


Carry On T-Shirt

Freedom is in Peril

by Wearables4Edibles

Ah yes, there we go.

Mine will be here any day now.

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