I hate smart phones.  I’m not overly thrilled to own one.  Yes, the apps are cool.  Yes, I’ll use them.  But I am just not one of those people that has to have the latest and greatest smart phone.

In fact, 24 hours in and I’ve already had to do my first factory reset.  Because they are such a joy!

Since I apparently have no real choice but to have a smart phone, I’ve got twitter set up on it to do my bidding.  I run 3 twitter accounts I can toggle between.

1 is my main one @therealkmarrs.

1 is my facebook one.  So I don’t have to go back and forward on facebook which I loath more than smart phones, I have a twitter that’s main function is to forward to my blog’s facebook page.  All in the name of being more active there and less spammy spammy. I need to give this more shape in the future.  And decided, for example, if that’s the twitter stream I want to link to here.  Do I keep it strictly BPD?  Include personal?  Decisions decisions.

The 3rd is an anonymous account that I would love to share but can’t because I need to stay anon so I don’t get fired.  *shrug*  No names are ever named and it’s all very generic crap that all of us in the banking word run into daily.  Alas, no reason to get specific with it.

I’m also making sure all links from all blogs go to the correct place.  Sammy’s blog should auto forward a link to my personal FB and Twitter.  Same as the boys.  Where my blog should go to my FB page and my @therealkmarrs twitter.  Then my tumbler goes to blah blah blah.  And oh hey you can shoot me now.

Granted, I’m the dumb ass running 7 blogs counting my tumbler.


Alright, time to run for food.  Laters!