The Bands That Tie

For years I’ve wanted to replace the wedding bands Pat and I exchanged on that day in April 2003.  What we bought did the job, and they were nice.  But they weren’t a long-term investment.  After 9 years, mine is starting to look a bit beat-up and Pat’s was flat out stolen.  So I decided a long time back, that for our 10th wedding anniversary, we’d get new, fancy wedding bands.

I’ve also long held a desire for my diamond.  I never actually got an engagement ring.  And while I have limited interest in jewelry bling, I do want a stone on my left ring finger from my husband.  Once the wedding itself, and now the birth of 3 children came to pass, it become silly to aim for a solitary stone.  So I set my sights on a 3 stone.  Past.  Present.  Future.  Seems to cover a couple who have been together a decade and have 3 children together.

However, I’ve never been interested in spending more than we can afford.  I’m not going to rack up a debt that will take ages to pay off for a piece of bling.  I’m not that girl.  Not a jewelry girl.  So I’ve patiently waited.

Now as the 10th anniversary approaches, I’ve started to consider just combining my desired stones and replacement wedding band into one ring.  Makes sense, am I right?

And despite the anniversary in question being 11 months off, I’ve started looking around.  Gives me months to search and prepare the budget for my find so that we can have them in time.

Pat’s requirement is that he wants them to be Tungsten Carbide.  Durable, pretty, and affordable.

I want something with a design to it.  And, my stones.

We both prefer affordable.

And I do believe we have found them!  At a combined 100$ plus S&H, of course, I present you our future replacement bands with all requirements met! Strictly speaking, I don’t believe they were designed to be a duo, but can you tell that by looking at them? No? Didn’t think so!

My Ring

Pat's Ring

My ring can be found here.

Pat’s ring can be found here.

Strictly speaking, I don’t believe they were designed to be a duo, but can you tell that by looking at them? No? Didn’t think so!

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    Yeah, mine looks like crap in IE. I’m actually have a post regarding that scheduled for tomorrow!

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