Math Geek Humour

So this image is going around pintrest.  With the aid of my friend Brenda who tagged me. Then another friend commented, “Sure beats being ‘obtuse’. :)” So I of course had to point out, “She is a touch of that as well. I suppose she averages out to a ‘Just Right Angle’?” I mean, when […]

Internet Explorer

Site is having some slight issues in IE.  It’s still functional, just doesn’t look as it should.  I’m working on it.  But it’s a process.  IE just isn’t up to par with the other browsers.  And if it wasn’t for the fact that 25-33% of you use IE, I’m not sure I’d even care.  But, […]

Encouraged, Discouraged

I want to write, but my ability feels stifled by should and shouldn’t. So at some point you just have to say fuck it, and write to keep from bursting at the seams. First, I may be going for a promotion at work. It’s the most basic of promotions: full-time. But, it’s a step up […]

The Bands That Tie

For years I’ve wanted to replace the wedding bands Pat and I exchanged on that day in April 2003.  What we bought did the job, and they were nice.  But they weren’t a long-term investment.  After 9 years, mine is starting to look a bit beat-up and Pat’s was flat out stolen.  So I decided […]

Luke And His Doctor Friend

Had Luke’s first psychiatric appointment last Tuesday.  He wasn’t able to go to that appointment.  We spent the hour talking history and symptoms.  But first impression: I like her a lot.  She is easy to be around and talk to and seems honestly excited to meet Luke.  She isn’t phased one outward bit by the […]