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Mayans VS 2012

So, one would think we’d have flying cars and a higher level of intelligence by now.  But instead we have backward robes and Jersey SHore.

If the Mayans foresaw this, no wonder they ended their calendar at 2012.  Some think it’s because of an apocalypse, but I personally think they just figured we’d have forgotten how to count by then.


  1. Comment by Cindy Lou Who:

    I believe you're right. Jersey Shore? What's next? "The Running Man" for real?

  2. Comment by Walkingborder (Karen):


  3. Comment by From Tracie:


    I'm still mad that I don't have a flying car by now!

  4. Comment by Walkingborder (Karen):

    I know! It's like dude! Seriously? BUT our tiny computers can take pictures, send text messages, and make phone calls. Which is awesome. I guess.

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