The Character Alignment Of My 8-Year-Old

Ok, long conversation at the dinner table between me and the boys regarding good vs bad behavior.“Is throwing your food good or bad?”“Is eating all your veggies before asking for dessert good or bad?”“Is sitting and reading quietly good or bad?”“Is ripping your books good or bad?”“What is something you could do to be good?”“What […]

Christmas Reflections

I have to say, I think so far this has been my favorite Christmas I’ve had in a long time. Going into it, it’s obviously helpful that while I am working, it isn’t retail. There hasn’t been the extra money to do a lot of expensive gifts, but we manage to do really damn well […]

Top 10 Reasons a Tubal Was Better Than a 4th Pregnancy

These are in no certain order. Pregnancy involves months of not being able to sleep on my belly. Tubal? I was on my belly after 4 days. Not only are you encouraged to sleep through the Tubal experience, but it is enforced and  isn’t interrupted every 15 minutes by the need to pee. A tubal […]

A Metric Fuck Ton Of Glitter

I got bored. And when I get bored, I find ways to get unbored. I have various methods for this. These days I aim for healthy ones. Yesterday I was on a various tumbler blog and decided, you know what? I want a tumbler. Within minutes I had decided it would be a page dedicated […]

This Post Is Brought To You By The Letters T M I

As in, no really, this one will be too much information. You’d think that my personal filter would be like, “Dude, it’s TMI don’t post it.”  but by now we all know how that works, or doesn’t work, with me.  So my filter?  Pretty much telling me I posted that warning, and then we’re cool. […]