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Fortune Cookie

My fortune today read:

Today, some new connections will be very exciting indeed.

First I was thinking of my new doctor.

Then I reflected on the text message I received from my mom.

“Had lunch with new tech who has bpd and feels very unlovable, etc. Gave her your blog, but she needs to meet you.”

I’m really excited about this new possible friend. I guess she is very lonely. I’m always looking for new friends who understand what I’m going through so this could prove to be a very good friendship for the two of us.

Two new connections today. And I’m indeed excited about both.

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  1. Comment by firstsoprano:

    new friend…or mentor ? either way I think you'll like her and vice versa. She'll be working 2nd shift soon. She's been on first shift for 2 weeks now getting the feel of things and after one more week moves to seconds. She's very bright, a fast learner, takes notes and asks questions. It's a Christmas miracle. Her birthday is tomorrow.

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