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I’m A Little Upset

We all know I don’t particularly care for my job. But I know I’m stuck there for awhile. Let’s be honest, it’s good hours with good money. I’m not overly qualified for much, so this is where I’m at and where I’ll be.

So I’m looking at where I can possibly grow in the company. I’m looking at the service desk, lead cashier and team leader. I know I’m a ways away from most of that, but service desk is a good immediate goal.

So I told my boss I was interested.

She told me there wasn’t a position currently open, I knew that, but that there would be a posting on the board when there was. I said ok and left it at that.

Yesterday I walked into work to discover one of the newer cashiers is now working the service desk.

No posting, no nothing. The managers asked her to go there and she agreed.

I talked to one of the team leaders about it and found out I wasn’t even considered because I have been given corrective action and haven’t followed through.

Ok, let’s look at this.

I’m slow. Not overly slow but I’m suppose to be at 95% and I’m stuck at 90%. So yes, I’m slow. I’ve been coached on how to improve my score and I’m doing my best to follow the advice, but I’m still slow.

Why am I slow?

I pay attention to how I bag. I don’t put eggs and bread with canned goods. Something I’m proud of. But my careful bagging slows me down.

I leave customers happy. I’m constantly being complimented on how I bag.

But I’m slow.

So I’m not eligible for a promotion.

Oh and fyi, most grocery stores, don’t time you. According to the New York Times, the store I work at is unique in doing that and it’s not looked at as a good thing.

Fast and sloppy or slow and cautious.

I’m slow.

If I didn’t have a family depending on me, I wouldn’t bother going back.


  1. Comment by My Black Fog:

    Well I would definitely choose your line,… (( hugs ))I'd rather have non-squished bread and un-broken eggs anyday over a rush-through grumpy cashier.
    I've given up trying to figure out how this world revolves. I've decided that it's a cut-throat society. Money,..speed,..greed,…
    I often long for a simplier time in life. Wheres Ike Godsey (from the Waltons)when you need him? I loved that country store. he chat to all his customers with a smile,… ~ sigh ~ I must be getting old. :-)

  2. Comment by tracy:

    Damn, that's sad, just really sad. It must be soooo frustrating. Wish i knew what to say. Just so sorry.

  3. Comment by firstsoprano:

    well ,being careful is why you were always so good helping me at the food pantry. I agree that happy customers are more important than speed.

  4. Comment by Walkingborder (Karen):

    It's ok. I've thought about it and this just means I'm not settling for working ion a grocery store for the rest of my life.

  5. Comment by tracy:

    My Black Fog

    Funny you would say that. i've recently watched a few episodes of "The Waltons" again. Sigh. A marathon on Thanksgiving. i am pathetic.

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