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Borderline Personality Disorder Blog BPDHave you ever had something that you’ve wanted to talk about but known you can’t talk about? Yeah, it’s like that.


  1. Comment by tracy:

    Oh, yeah. Like every day. And now that the shrink has fired me and i have no "real life friends", i have no one to talk to…..

    So sorry this is happening to you…..

  2. Comment by Walkingborder (Karen):

    Monday I'll be making a formal post on the topic. I just hate being censored in the meantime.

    And you can always talk to me. Email, letter, whatever.

  3. Comment by firstsoprano:

    Nearly everyday, but like Tracy said……not many people around that want to listen these days.

  4. Comment by tracy:

    Thanks, Karen.

    Firstsoprano So sorry. We should "talk".

  5. Comment by Billie:

    Yes. I do. Its like the moment your realize you have not one person you can confide in. And then no one to share that thought with.

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