3 Days More Info

There is the theory that I’m 2 months pregnant. Here are all the facts. With both boys I had a light period that first month. I knew something was off and took a test. Both came up neg. The second month, sure enough I missed a period and took another test which was positive. Last […]

3 Days

We have been using the rhythm method as birth control for the past couple of months. Mostly because the holiday season cash flow interrupted the condom cash flow. And when we did have the extra cash, we just plain forgot until the next urge hit. I should also point out that thanks to my meds […]

2 Years and 2011

So… Yesterday was the 2 year birthday for this blog. I kinda forgot to make a big deal of it which works because I had no idea how to make a big deal of it. Last year I made a list of things I hoped to accomplish. I met some of those goals. Others, not […]

We Will Probably Have To Agree To Disagree

I was at work today when a 4 year old, her dad, and her little brother entered the store. The 4 year old girl was screaming. An angry defiant, temper tantrum scream. No matter where they went in the huge store you could hear this little girl scream. An hour later, roughly, when they left […]


Hey guys, my blog roll is currently down. Sorry to any of you who use it or are on it. See, it seems I follow 96 blogs and I need to whittle that down some. And I can do that. But instead of removing 1 by 1 the blogs I no longer choose to follow […]

Bah Humbug

No wait, the bah humbug was yesterday. The busiest work day of the year. But I don’t want to talk about that. Today the sentiment got upgraded to Merry Christmas! As I type I’m listening to Tiny Cat play with her new stuffed bird. It chirps. Often. Thanks Santa. Though watching her play with it […]


Sometimes I wish I was a psychologist so I could help these people coming to me for help. I would have a network of fellow doctors in different states and cities who could help me find people help. Then I realize becoming a psychologist is a lot of school and my 1-2 classes every other […]

Living Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

10 things you can do every morning to get your day started right. 1. Get plenty of sleep. Seriously. 2. Wake up to great music. Whatever music leaves you feeling happy, that’s the music you should wake up to. 3. Eat breakfast. I don’t know about you but I’m super cranky when hungry. Breakfast is […]

Quick Note

I am to the bones tired. But if I go to bed this early I’ll be on my own and won’t be able to fall asleep with Pat. See, normally Pat sleeps on the sofa. Honestly, it’s how he’s most comfortable. But lately I’ve been in the mood, well craving, to fall asleep in his […]

Burn Out

I’m trying so hard to get through this holiday season in one piece. I only have 3 more work days before Christmas. Which at this point sounds like an eternity but it’s better than nothing I guess. I have all my holiday shopping done. All. Of. It. And we did great this year. I’m really […]

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