This Just In…

The baby keeps putting hot wheels cars in his sleeper. They fall down to the footed part and get stuck by his feet. We keep removing them and he keeps putting them back in. It’s driving me crazy. I took the cars away but now I feel mean.

This ‘N’ That

I found myself a new medical doctor. I’m going to start treatment for my acid reflux. Those 2 days with the bad heartburn about killed me. My first appointment is Tuesday. Imp, the head honcho rat, just bit Thomas. Which is weird because Imp doesn’t bite. The twins sometimes do but even they have never […]

This Just In…

I’m still really tired even though I slept in late. Oh and I’m also testing, with this post, to see if I fixed twitter feed.

Have To Brag

I had a really nice evening with my hubby last night. We spent some real quality time in the bedroom. I got a nice back message with oil and he got a back message with a loofah in the shower. After we were done with our various messages we played WoW together. By the end […]


We had a good Christmas this year. Thomas made out like a bandit. He got a fuck ton of transformers and remote control vehicles (airplanes from Santa, motorcycle, monster truck, hover craft, and a digger). He also got a Nerf gun that has already been properly used to torture the cat. Auntie Rachel, my sister, […]