He said She said

Thomas to me: You’re crazy sometimes but I still love you. Pat: Bubby, you and I just bonded on a whole new level. No one before has ever understood me as well as you did just now.

This Just in…

I don’t enjoy stepping on cheerios on my goddamn bedroom floor. I know it’s where you and the youngest spend half the day, and where he eats his meals, but come ON! Please start picking them the fuck up. Or at least buy as the damn dog we all want.

This just in…

Stepping on hot wheels does not make a momma happy. Pick up your damn room, boy!

Luke wants you to know

Stop trying to feed me noodles. I don’t like noodles. I’ve never liked noodles. I’m never going to like noodles. I don’t care that momma and brother like noodles. Noodles are poison. And poison might kill me. I know it’s poison. You know it’s poison. Just because momma and brother eat noodles, doesn’t mean it […]

This just in…

There is no better unexpected and random middle of the night snack than: warm baby cheeks


Husband:I’ve been married to Pat for 5 years now. Getting close to 6, really. I’m not really sure what to say. In a later post I’ll go into detail about the separation we went through a few years back. The what, where, when, why, how and who. Oh dear god the who. I think the […]

Wow, so Ok

I’ve done the blog thing before. Many times, actually. And they have even gotten me in trouble in time’s past. I’m not so sure why this will be different. One of 2 things will happen. I’ll either be terrified of this being read and will sensor myself. Or I’ll be open and honest just to […]

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